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Farm-to-Fork Week Menu

4 Delicious Courses - $30/person | Sun. July 24 – Sat. July 24


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Dahi Papri Chaat

Tongue tingling combination of mint & tamarind chutney, yoghurt with crisp 'papri' and chickpeas.

Summer Vegetable Soup ( V, GF)

Warm & delicious Indian summer vegetable soup with the goodness of ginger and fresh dill.

Warm Okra Salad (V, GF)

Crispy okra tossed with red onions, tomatoes and tangy spices.

Spinach Chaat (GF)

An incredible burst of flavors - Crispy Spinach with sweet yogurt, tamarind & date chutney.


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Aloo Tikki Channa Chaat (V, GF)

Crisp potato patties n’ chickpeas served with tamarind n’ date chutney.

Crispy Lassuni Gobi (V, GF)

Crispy Cauliflower tossed in tangy garlic sauce – a vegetarian favorite of most.

Mexican Samosas (Vegetarian)

You know samosas - Why not try out some samosas with a Mexican twist.

Mix Seafood Tak-a-Tak (GF)

This bountiful mix seafood delight owes its cute name to the sound that metal spatulas make (takka-tak, takka-tak…) during the process of cooking.


Served with basmati Rice and Naan

Goan Fish Curry (GF)

White bass simmered in sauce made with coconut, coriander, tamarind & a blend of spices.

Chicken Curry with Baby Spinach (GF)

A simple, rustic and delicious chicken preparation from the kitchens of Punjab with tender baby spinach.

Chicken Tikka Makhani (GF)

Chicken Tikka simmered in tomato, honey & fresh ginger- a bestseller.

Anjeer (Fig) Paneer Kofta (GF)

A vegetarian delight of fig stuffed paneer balls (Koftas), cooked in a delicious rich gravy.

Baingan Patiala (V, GF)

Eggplant tempered with fennel, onion seeds, herbs and sautéed with onions and tomatoes.


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Coconut Sorbet (V, GF)

Masala Chai Ice-cream (GF)

'Chai' (Indian Tea) flavored Ice-Cream

Kulfi with poached blue berries (GF)

An Indian ice cream served with poached blue berries flavored with crème-de-cassis.

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